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    Hi all,

    Long time lurker here. I have a user whose Calendar will not sync properly. Appointments sync from Outlook -> Pro but not the other way around as I understand. I have checked his calendar and for some reason, it appears twice, both have information in them but not the same. I have tried the following:

    - Removing the entire account and resyncing, still shows two calendars
    - Clearing cache out of calendar and attempting resync

    I have not done a full wipe of the phone but it may be worth a shot. I REALLY wish there was a daily driver ROM around so I could maybe get him onto that but there doesn't seem to be with fission development seemingly on hold.

    Is there a way to install the stock 2.2 email client via an APK? I'd be willing to give that a shot. It really just seems like this is a garbage email client as most people who I have on Moto devices have issues with their corporate sync.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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