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    This regards the calendar that is standard on incredible 2.

    I search for appointments and most don't appear in the search results. Then I look for the appointment from my memory (no device except my brain) and I find that the appointment is in the calendar with the exact search term. I do the search again and it returns the appt that initially did not.

    I assume that I mispelt the first time around.

    Lately I tried a little experiment. I search for an appt that recurs, like the dentist. Search returns no hits. Then I scroll through the monthly view through the months that may contain a prior appt with the dentist. I rerun the exact same search, and the prior appt appears but not the upcoming; then I scroll through the future months and then rerun the search and then both the past and the future dentist appt appears.

    If I scroll through my whole calendar back to the last ice age, then all of the dental appts appear in the results for the same search term.

    What kind of a search feature is this?

    Please advise, and thank you
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