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    I've been a verizon wireless customer for a long time and just got the Droid phone and the data package that goes with it. I've never used the mobile web before on the phone either. So the whole experience is quite new to me and as you can guess, I have a lot of questions. So far I absolutely love the Droid! I am a little spoiled though of using the regular cell phone (LG wave) and my Motorola ear bud. I was able to press the ear bud button, say call Home, and it would dial. Now I have to use the dial icon on the phone, then call Home and then select one option, then it dials. This is not so handsfree friendly for the phone part of it.
    One of reasons I joined this forum is because I learn alot on my own and I'm used to using a Help section and this phone doesn't really have a detailed help on it. Am I not finding it? I'm really excited about finding this site to help me with my wonderful Droid beginning!