Cake Factory Realeased! The sweetest and most charming social network game ever!

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    The sweetest and most charming social network game ever!♥
    Cake factory will melt you down like chocolate mousse cakes!

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    Emily meets prince charming in a small village.
    The rookie baker Emily the trouble maker has met the handsome and charming CEO of the cake factory Andrew.
    Andrew saw her bakery passion and suggest Emily to join as a baker in cake factory.

    Will Emily be able to survive from all the competition and stand as a successful baker?

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    1. Characters
    [Emily] " The baker of the Cake factory branch no.2"
    - She always make mistakes and trouble but never gives up to achieve what she wants!
    - She love cakes especally cup cake is her favourite.

    [Andrew] The owner of the 'cake factory' Baker, as well as CEO
    - Very warm and gentle just like prince charming in the fairy tale!
    - Andrew decide to hire Emily as soon as he taste Emily's cupcake

    [Jaden] Emily's good-old-friend
    - handsome and smart
    - He got crush on Emily but always treat her in cold manner to hide his feeling

    [Rachel] No.1 Cake manufature company the Star cake's heritor
    - Rachel always bullies Emily and think Emily has her rival. She is greedy and childish
    - Rachel likes Jaden and always call him Mr. Jaden somehow..

    [Lily, Max, Mom] The supporters of Emily
    - Lily is kind, and friendly girl and a good advisor of Emily
    - Max is an old friend of Emily a happy weirdo.
    - Emily's mom is the master baker but moved to a village after marriage and runs a small cake shop

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    2. Game instructions
    Be a pastry chef in your own bakery and start new business!

    Use oven and coffee machine to make delicious cake and drinks! Decorate your shop with various items and get a reward! Delicious cakes and relaxing space will bring more customers to your shop!

    Hire good looking employees to serve your customers! Remember, good service is the key to your success.

    Take the promotion test and participate in contest to evaluate yourself! If you are lucky you may find a hidden treasure during the contest! Get a special reward as well!
    Higher your skill the better reputation your store will get and bring you more customers!

    Start part-time job in your friends store to get extra income and recover the rotten foods! And also you may steal your friends food! If you get caught they may get upset so be cautious! More friends, more fun! Enjoy the game togeher to have double fun!

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    Cake Factory Google Play :
    Cake Factory Apple Appstore :
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