Buying Droid from AmazonWireless?

Discussion in 'Android Forum' started by XDanTheManX, Jul 27, 2011.

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    Hey everyone, I've decided just recently that its time I get a :motdroidvert: Ive never been into phones or anything of that nature until my friend got me hooked on his droid and now im hooked, and all about getting a kool phone. So anyway Ive really had a hard time deciding which I want to get but its pretty much come down to the Droid Charge or Droid3/maybe X2. ( Yes I want the bionic for both 4g and dualcore ) but wont wait around for it given its track record and my want of 1 now. Anyway ( sry for the backstory ) my question is I plan on getting 1 from AmazonWireless, but I dont know if I can still do the 14 day trial/risk free return thing since its not purchased from verizon so I was wondering if I buy the phone and upgrade w-a 2yr plan through amazonwireless could I still if I wanted to return the phone and cancel my 2yr agreement without a early termination ( or any fee for tht matter ) before the 14 days are up?? Just incase I dont like the phone or the Bionic decides to get a official release date before the 14 days.

    Also...Do you think its smarter to get 4g instead of dualcore as of now? I live 20 miles away from a 4g spot so im really close but not quit there do u think it will extend here soon? Thanks!:smile:
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