Bunny Shooter v2.3

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    Bunny Shooter v2.3
    Requirements: Android 2.1 or higher
    Overview: Hunt evil-fluffy-pink Bunnies using your bow! A mind challenge task for everyone
    Bunnies have stolen your precious prize-award carrots! This pests have come to your home and ruined your plantation!
    ★ Amazing real-time puzzle with real physics and pink bunnies.
    ★ Cute and detailed graphics, watch random actions of the bunnies while they jump, fall, evade arrows and more!
    ★ Great fun for any age, SIMPLE and PRECISE controls!
    ★ FOUR WORLDS of PURE FUN, each one with 60 LEVELS of mind blowing challenges.
    ★ COLLECT STARS - The more cunning you are, more stars you get!
    ★ RING OF DOOM (2 free rings) - Release a mighty power over the hateful bunnies and skip levels to your success!
    ★ OpenFeint Leaderboards - Are you the Best BUNNY SHOOTER in the world? Challenge your friends!
    ★ Dynamic Objects that will enhance the ways you can get more stars!

    Download Instructions:
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