Bugless Beast issues marketplace & android keyboard

Discussion in 'Bugless' started by B.Eggy, Aug 4, 2011.

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    Aug 4, 2011
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    Hi everybody first time poster here, I am having a few problems with my
    Motorola Droid 1st Gen. I recently flashed to Pete Alfonsos Bugless beast
    Which at first was amazing. To root I used super one click, crossed my fingers, and
    Needless to say it took all of about a minute to perform. After performing SOC, I backed
    Up everything using Titanium Backup Free, this took a while but went pretty smooth.
    I then downloaded Rom Manager Free which came highly recomended. After downloading Peters bugless beast rom I had a few issues attempting to flash my new ROM. After a few failed recovery/nandroid backup/flashing attempts which had me literally crapping my pants, I realized I was still running Go Launcher, switched back to 2.2.1's native launcher and tried flashing my new ROM with Rom Manager free.

    Finally it worked! Bugless beast ran great and my phone was seemless. After that I installed Ghost Commander, Juice Defender, CPU Master, and Memory Booster all for root. I clocked my CPU down to 600 as opposed to Bugless Beasts standard 800 because my phone was literally 120 degress F.

    All was well for a few weeks but now once again my phone is lagging... What's worse is I keep getting a force close on the Android Native keyboard and now my marketplace will not open at all. When I try to open the droid market the screen goes white and does nothing or it force closes. I tried remotely installing via the Android Market website and this too will not work.

    Any suggestions? Should I reinstall my Bugless Beast Rom? Or would a nandroid recovery work better? I was also considering finding the HTC Inspire build which I find to be a beautiful OS.

    Can anyone please give me some advice or help?