BugKing for Android is available on Google Play!

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    Leaders Games is proud to present the ultimate bug battle that tests your strategic skills and dexterity. BugKing is a fun, refreshing and original challenge where insects wage a war against each other to conquer territories and defeat enemies! Get your nimble fingers into action, sharpen your reflexes and stay alert for some edge-of-the-seat action!
     Real-time strategy game

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     A seamless blend of action, fun and entertainment
     Engaging and addictive gameplay
     48 levels of fast-paced gaming
     3 unique army bases to choose from
     3 smart power ups to increase productivity and improve stats
     3 modes of difficulty
     A convenient skill option for timely help
     Statistics to track your progress
     A well-defined tutorial
     Cute graphics and animation
     Amazing music and great sound effects
     Suitable for all age groups