BT Headset for both Inc. and Erir?

Discussion in 'HTC Droid Eris' started by Durango_Boy, May 8, 2010.

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    BT Headset for both Inc. and Eris?

    Hi guys.

    I have an Incredible. My Wife has an Eris.

    Is there a 'good' quality Bluetooth ear piece that not only works with both the Incredible and the Eris, but that works GOOD?

    I've tried Bluetooth headsets before with very bad results. Poor sound quality, easily dislodged from ear, heavy, or ugly.

    Who's used what and why were you happy with it?

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    most any bt2.x headset should work, work fine is a different issue, stay away from low price items, ive learned in this area you really do get what you pay for. i just picked up the motorokr s9-hd stereo headset and its incredible. also, if you have a sony outlet around you anywhere, they are having a sale of 40% off on headsets, including bluetooth ones, you can pick up a dr-bt22 sony headset refurbished for about 35 bucks. good luck