Broken power button: Using Recovery/Flashing ROMs/RInsurance Return

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    hHey guys, I've got a Droid 4 with a busted power button. Not intermittent, dead. iI'm rooted and running Eclipse but also managed to get the insurance for the device last minute. Is there a way I can reflash the stock ROM back on, and unroot aso i can send this one in for replacement? iI assume that anybody who knows what their doing will be able to tell, but I figure if I let the battery run out then they will be able to see the button not working right then. if they do some ADB stuff then everything should look fine as long as it isnt rooted and stock rom is on, right?
    My question, is this possible with a busted power button? yYou have to use the power button for selection in the recovery screens and bootloaders, so I dont know how it could be done
    And if it is done, will the insurance people take it back? or will they be able to tell
    Thanks for the help guys, much appreciated.
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