Bricked PMP recoverable?

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by keo, May 26, 2011.

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    Hello, I managed to brick my android in just 2 hours. My device is icoo d10, its a media player, no internet. It is a dual OS, so if I can't recover the android 2.3, it still works.

    Well, being a android newb I downloaded some android game apps online and installed them via SD, (no internet on device). Then when I turn it off completely, and turn it on it asks which OS to boot up. The other OS is fine, but Android 2.3 first shows a gingerbread 2.3 logo for around 30 seconds, then it shows the "android" text logo for another 30 seconds or so and turns off.

    I have to hold the power button and it'll blink, I think to indicate that the Android os turned off. Then I hold the power button again which will show the dual OS option.

    I've had a quick look online but it seems that unbricking software is for specific devices. Any suggestions of what I can do... This device does not have a community at all.

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