Bricked my Droid 2

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    I believe I know how to solve my problem, but I cannot find a 2.35 bootloader. A couple days ago my Droid 2 stopped reading my SD card. The SD card is fine. I know it is hardware because if I push down on the SD card, then the Droid 2 will pick up the card. Anyway, Verizon had pushed Gingerbread OTA and I promptly rooted that. Knowing that rooting the phone might void the warranty (even though this is hardware failure...) I wanted to SBF back to Froyo to then get the Gingerbread OTA update so that I can either get this fixed or get a replacement. So, I used RSD Lite and followed these instructions. The problem is that now when my phone boots up I get a "Code Corrupt" message. This seems to be caused by the fact that the bootloader I have is 2.37. Is there anything I can do to fix this? I tried to get 2.35 but none of the download links work. Should I just go to Verizon and deal with the consequences (poor college student...this isn't the best option). Sorry if this has been answered before, but I tried finding a solution online. Thanks for any help.

    Edit I was able to resolve this issue by getting RSD Lite 4.9 (was using 4.8) and using another .sbf file I found. Specifically, I installed 4.9 and found a Droid2 unroot package. Thanks again. Perhaps this will help someone in the future.
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