Bricked Moto Droid?

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    First Thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions.

    I had my screen go out in my original Moto Droid and Verizon sent me a "Like New" Replacement. It seemed to be working fine I rooted it using the Instructions from MotoCache1's Thread (

    It worked great for a week I had switched from Sprecovery to Clockwork and then was running UD2.0 with no issues then last night I looked over at the phone and noticed the screen back-light was on full blast but the screen was blank. I then attempted to hit the lock button with it doing nothing. I then pulled the battery and rebooted. I got the Motorola Boot Logo and after it went away the screen was bare no image nothing just blank screen. I gave it a few mins and when nothing happened i pulled the battery again and booted while holding "x" to get to Recovery Manager and it never made it past the Moto Boot logo. I tried several times for I had heard that if you hold in "x" too long it wont go to recovery and any time "x" had ever been touched the boot logo would never disappear.

    After a decent amount of time I thought well screw it I will reinstall the .spf file from MotoCache1 and start all over again. I ran thru it without issues Sprecovery was reinstalled and all with no issues. And reinstalled his Root with Sprecovery saying that Installation Complete. When I rebooted the phone went to Moto Boot Logo and no further. I pulled battery and rebooted while holding "x" this time it went to sprecovery so I reinstalled again MotoCache1's root and rebooted and it happened again nothing past Moto Boot Logo. At this point I decided to call it for the night and plugged it in so at least the battery would be charged lol.

    When I woke up this morning the screen was blank save for the Notification bar was now there. So I "played" around with it for a few minutes and the notification bar disappeared and the backlight stayed on so i pulled the battery and went to work. After about 4 hours of having the battery not in the phone at work I put the battery back in and attempted to boot it again and this time the notification bar appeared and the background image but when i picked up the phone and touched the screen they both disappeared and the screen remained blank. Since then I have not been able to get the notification bar or background.

    I decided since Verizon sent me the "Like New" phone I would call them and see about a replacement again which they are sending me so I do have a long term resolution but nevertheless I would like to see if anyone in the mean time has any suggestions or things for me to try to resolve this as it seems odd. I am not saying it is necessarily bricked but I dont know what else I can do.

    P.S. Also if anyone does give me a fix that works I will prolly need to "unfix" it after since it is being sent off to verizon and I dont want to have to pay them for fraud. lol
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