Brag, I have the cleanest Droid here. Beat, it doesn't turn on anymore.

Discussion in 'Android General Discussions' started by SixStringTheory, Aug 24, 2010.

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    So don't leave your Droid in your pants and throw it in the washing machine.

    I let it dry for 3 days since it happened and a few rounds of a heat gun but it won't charge or turn on. I bought a slightly used Droid on ebay for $200. Decided I didn't want a 2 or an X and not be able to mod it.

    Was using my friends Droid 2 and liked mine running Sapphire more. So now I'll still have my Newe2 (in 16 months lol) for when something "omfg!" comes out that'll be worth getting even if The Man locks it down.

    Didn't have insurance, first time in 8 years of not having insurance on a smart phone I'd have a need for it so considering I'm still ahead in the long run.

    In any case, I think someone else washed their Droid a few weeks ago on here. It's obviously a spreading disease ;0p Be careful doing your laundry!

    (oh yea, life SUCKS without my Droid!)
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    :shocked: I'm so very sorry for your loss!!
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    It is very possible to recover a phone once it gets wet, the problem is, you have to know what to do before hand. Once its wet, you can do a lot of things wrong before "googling for what to do".

    Step 1 is to pull the battery, don;t power down, just pull it.
    Step 2, dry the phone out. Some use rice, I use descicant packs in a baggy with the phone for 48 hours.
    Step 3, new battery. Unfortunately, the battery is probably toast.

    If the liquid is not water, it would be best to open the phone and scrub everything with distilled water, and then go through the drying process. I have seen the inside of many phones that were dropped in everything from Soda and coffee, to raw milk.

    Sorry for your loss. I have had to deal with a phone going through the wash or otherwise get very wet 5 times in my life (2 were mine, 3 were friends). I was able to get full function back from 4 of them. The one that I couldn't was my phone and it was my first. LG8100.

    There is no problem with 99% of electronics getting wet, as long as power isn't applied while there is still moisture present.