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    Currently using SG6.0, AdamZ LV kernel 250-1100MHz.

    Here's what I want in no particular order. If I had to rank them, it would be 6, 2, 1, 4, 3, and 5.

    1. SMS. Using messaging or handcent or equivalent, NO MORE "robot" smilies. I would like smilies to look like smilies. My Nokia N900 runs Pidgin and does smilies. Please let me know I can have smilies back.

    2. PHONE. If I move it away from my head I don't want it to "fade into appearing". I want it to IMMEDIATELY appear. I likely want to HANG UP or press the keypad NOW not in 5 seconds.

    3. LOCK SCREEN. If I press the power button I want that lock screen up NOW not in 5 seconds.

    4. KERNEL I would like a kernel that is just as good as AdamZ's (low-voltage, supports WiFi tether, etc.) but has a lower set limit. AdamZ is 250-1100. I'd be happy with 125-1100. ChevyNo1 does this but since I'm doing a wishlist I thought I'd add it in.

    5. MARKET. I would like a market app that I can click on "automatically update everything" and I won't have to click on a)update b)ok c)[makes use of these resources ok] d)install

    6. CALENDAR. I would like it if I had some app AUTOMATICALLY do ALARMS or WAKEUPS based on upcoming events. I don't need a pop-up on my laptop -- I'm not there. I don't want an email -- I'm still not there. I want my Droid to alert me with a sound and perhaps vibrate saying "Hey there's a meeting in 30 minutes..."

    7. No BS. That means don't tell me I need to deinstall maps, or deinstall google-earth. Provide them. Or don't. If you do, they should work and be update-able. If you don't they should install from the market.

    If not prohibited by the forum, please PM me and tell me what you want. I will respond.

    If I'm violating the forum rules, please know I don't do this intentionally. I read them again and don't see anything prohibiting this. However, if I am, please mods be kind and delete without punishing.

    Also... in the spirit of Free and Open Source Software, please let me know if you agree that after getting said software I (or you) can and will make it available to anyone for free.

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