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    So I have both of these on Fission 2.1. My problem is I can not get ROM Manager to boot into Recovery by its self when doing backup and restore and such. Also the reboot into recovery button under ROM Manager doesn't do it either. I've tried doing it with and without hitting the bootstrap recovery button first. Sometimes it boots with the green droid and the progress bar that starts and then a warning triangle comes up and the phone reboots as normal.

    Under bootstrapper should I be able to just hit bootstrap recovery and then manually reset the phone to get into recovery? The only way I can get into recovery is by using the Reboot Recovery under the bootstrapper.

    Also is there any way to get my phone to ALWAYS boot into recovery first? I don't mind the few extra seconds to make sure I can always get there even if I miss up the rom a little. Like when I was trying to install another rom, it installed with no icons so I couldn't get to the app drawer to use the bootstrapper.

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