BootMenu Bootstrap makes its way to ICS on the Droid RAZR!

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    Last week not only was official ICS leaked for the Droid RAZR but it was also rooted in a matter of hours! Shortly after it was rooted a one click root method emerged for those who aren't Super Nerds and are not comfortable with ADB! Easier is always better. Yesterday XDA member Whirleyes released an easy way to get to Clockwork mod recovery on Razr ICS with Bootstrap Bootmenu. If you aren't familiar with Bootmenu it is basically a "second stage loader". It runs after the Motorola bootloader and hijacks Android's initial boot process. This allows you to do all sorts of things like run custom commands before booting android, booting from a second system partition, and of course run customized ClockWorkMod recovery!

    BootStrap Bootmenu for ICS Razr includes:

    Fail Safe : Loaded on each boot, configureable timeout, auto-boot to default setting
    CWM-based Recovery : Custom Recovery for flashing mods, touch-based
    2nd System
    Stock/Recovery/Second System boot script is configurable

    This is super easy to install just grab the app "BootMenu Manager" from the play store LINK

    Via XDA

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