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    Hey. I am new to these forums and new to the droid hacking world in general. I am trying to do some experimenting of my own, but there are certain questions that I keep searching the forums and stickies for that seem to have no answer, and I am the type that would like to fully understand what I am doing before I start messing around. My confusion centers around the bootloader and slp when I was reading the sticky THIS IS WHAT ROOT MEANS (stop asking).

    1. What is the difference between the boatloader and spl?

    2. Is SPRecovery a bootloader or spl?

    3. I keep hearing that the milestone bootloader will only let you load signed roms, and the droid bootloader lets you load any ROM you want, if that is the case, then what do you need SPRecovery for?

    4. I see posts referencing the unlocking of the droid bootloader... I thought it was already unlocked as it lets you load unsigned roms?

    5. What is the difference between the recovery image and the ROM itself? Is the recovery image the back-up of what exists in ROM?

    6. Why do you need to be root to flash modified ROMs. When you are in the bootloader/spl aren't you outside the context of the operating system and there is no priviledge seperation?

    7. What is fastboot?
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