[BOOTANIMATION] Android "BIOS" - Fascinate specific/custom

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    Credit goes to protonus over at XDA....

    Orig link: [BOOTANIMATION] Android "BIOS" - Fascinate specific/custom! - xda-developers

    [​IMG] [BOOTANIMATION] Android "BIOS" - Fascinate specific/custom!
    This is a Fascinate specific/custom boot animation. It is a shameful kang and tweak of frysee's "Android BIOS" animation from this thread:
    [Boot Animation] 08.03.11 Android Bios Boot animation | New:NOOK Upcoming: HONEYCOMB! - xda-developers
    All credit for the original images/design should go to him, unless someone tells me different.

    This is a mashup of the generic Galaxy S one and the Captivate one. I took what I liked from each (or was most factually correct for us), and i've made the following minor tweaks/changes:
    0.) I am assuming users are using 2.2.1 Froyo and the kernel build, for this variant. Used that build anywhere it's specified
    1.) Started with the Captivate version that has the nice ANSI/ASCII Android Logo after the BIOS "finishes"
    2.) Eliminated all of the ghosted/improperly changed text that the Captivate variant had
    3.) Stated that it's a "Samsung Fascinate Galaxy S" for the phone model
    4.) Used 1000 MHz clock speed
    5.) Replaced the Android ROM version after the "ROM Extension" line, with the kernel build instead. Thought it was nice to mention kernel.
    6.) Updated all dates to 2011
    7.) Changed Flash Extension to a Samsung microSDHC since our phones came with one (versus Captivate having the internal SD card)
    8.) Changed Phone Storage to Samsung OneNAND
    9.) Changed the "Press ____ to enter SETUP" to VOLUP+VOLDOWN we use for recovery
    10.) Slipped our "SCH-I500" model number into the alphanumeric string at the bottom
    11.) Updated Pri Master Disk size to 1563MB we have
    12.) Made the Sec. Master Disk 16384MB for the 16GB sdhc we got with the phone

    There are preview images below showing the "final" state of each of the three images/pages that "load".

    Download here:
    This is NOT a flashable .zip. If someone wants to make one I'll link to it.
    Instead, just copy this file to /system/media/ and either overwrite or rename the existing file. This requires that you are on an aftermarket ROM that supports changing of the boot animation.

    Let me know what ya'll think and hit Thanks if you use it.

    Heres my youtube video of this cool boot animation....

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