Boot problems, GENIUSES HELP!

Discussion in 'Motorola Droid 3' started by DirkDiggums, Nov 12, 2011.

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    Ok, so for the past week, my phone has been having problems. The screen would lock and not come back on. I fixed this by taking out the battery and rebooting. It worked after a few attempts, most of the time getting stuck on the boot screen. So my phone is rooted, and I was only using basic super user apps, like SetCPU and AdFree. I also used Bloatfreezer. Since I was having these problems, I defrosted all my bloatware and uninstalled all my super user apps, and planned on unrooting, just in case I needed to take it to Verizon. After uninstalling the afforementioned apps, things started working better, no more freezing. So I didn't immediately unroot. Half a day later I was at my friend's house and I didn't have my charger around and the phone died, so at the first chance I got, I plugged it in the wall. But no charging icon appeared. Just a lit up screen. I left it alone until morning to charge and for hours now have been doing multiple combinations of taking the battery out, plugging it into various power sources, using charged batteries, etc. But to no avail. Nothing is working. Any help would be appreciated, I know you guys can do it.
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