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    this is my First Boot Animation i did for my Droid X was looking allround and couldn't find any so here be go for any Kingdom Hearts Fan , i'm using liberty 1.5 as a daily use ROM so i got it easy install....

    using Liberty ToolBox is the easy way to install the animation or any boot animation...rename the zip file as " bootanimation.zip " if is necessary

    if you are using LIBERTY 1.5 ROM do the follow :
    *- copy the animation zip file to your Root SDcard
    *- then run "Liberty Toolbox"
    *- goto "Liberty Tweaks"
    *- goto "Manage Boot Animation"
    *- then "Install /sdcard/bootanimation.zip"

    Reboot and enjoy the animation ...

    using ADB :

    1. download files below
    2. put the file in your sdk/tools folder
    3. rename the file to "bootanimation.zip" if is need it
    4. go into adb and push file as follows:

    adb push bootanimation.zip /data/local
    adb reboot

    Reboot your Droid X and Enjoy

    you can download this animation from :


    CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD -WideScreen HD Edition-

    and you can check the videos here

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