[boot animation] DX Never Miss (w/ sound)

Discussion in 'Android Themes' started by djakrse, Feb 26, 2011.

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    I made this after iNoMaD's suggestion, so credit to him for the idea. I haven't tested it yet (sorry, my lil boy begging me to play wii), so I'd like some feedback if anything needs to be done.

    es0tericcha0s has an awesome landscape version here, albeit without sound. :) Mine is a straightforward rip of the commercial, minus the text at the end. If any edits are requested, maybe I can work on it more at a later date.

    You must be rooted for modifications to /system, where mod and placement of audio.mp3 must be made. There is a "nosnd" version for non-rooted users (or those preferring not to mod/sound). I highly recommend the mod and sound version! They tend to play much faster/smoother, especially on my D1 ;)

    For D1, D2 (unless R2D2 edition, AFAIK), & DX users, follow the instructions here to enable sound playback during boot animations. Good installation instructions are provided at that link as well. Enjoy!