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    Bomb Me is a cute shooting game like angry birds and ddtank.
    Great gameplay, cute characters, various theme scenarios, powerful weapons and exciting battles will bring you a special game experience you never have.
    so what are you waiting for download in google store now and play in your android phone,tablet and also in your pc or lappy

    you can experience this:
    ;Challenge your shooting skill;with your friends
    ;New updates
    ;daily quiz
    ;be active player of the day
    ;joining events
    ;Be a strategist and occupy a sure-win position;
    ;Take adventures to discover;
    ;Play with gm bonnie;
    ;Find a lover and get married;
    ;find friends active plater.png daily quiz.jpg qqq.jpg ww.jpg
    ;Great fun to share with friends and family;

    Players can can choose different weapons to bomb enemies----missiles, pigs, ice-cream, water-melon, Cupid’s bow, mushroom,ect...

    outfit is also allowed to be ever-changing by combining different faces, hair styles and clothes…

    It's a shooting game with multiplayer online. Just imagine shooting at other players just like shooting at those green pigs!

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