BOGO details. Just got off the phone with VZW

Discussion in 'Motorola Droid 3' started by JesterMX6, Jul 26, 2011.

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    So i purchased a Droid 3 on launch and had it the next day for my fiance. I used the phone for a day to try it out and gave it to my fiance. She loves it.

    I've been holding out to try the bionic, but in light of things in my life (mainly buying a house), and the fact that we don't have 4g in my city and won't for a while i'm sure, i was a little worried about spending 300+ on a new phone.

    Well then i hear verizon is using the droid 3 in their BOGO promotion and think to myself, "ya know. i bought this at full price. i'm a long standing customer with no bad account history. i wonder if they'll apply my purchase to the BOGO and send me a free Droid 3."

    So i called verizon. at the very worst they'd say no right?

    Well the lady was very nice. She asked for an email copy of the order confirmation from my other renewal. I sent that to her. Within minutes i had accepted the terms of the contract renewal, received my order confirmation numbers, and was told my free Droid 3 will be received by Friday.

    So long story short, If you have another device on your plan elligible for upgrade and you purchased your Droid 3 before the BOGO promotion started, go talk to verizon and there's a good chance they'll let you in on the promotion still :)