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    I upgraded to V0.6 in hopes that the Social Networking widget would work, the app itself works but that's about it. Right now I'm using the Facebook app and I noticed a big decrease in performance. All the other Blur items in the Liberty Customizer work just fine. Also, is there a way to install the Blur RSS Feed Reader or do I need to install something from the Market? Right now I'm using Pulse reader and it's nice, but a little slow and not quite what I'm looking for.

    Can a moderator move this please? I had too many tabs open and posted in the wrong part of the forum. Sorry :(

    As for the Social Widget, still can't get it to work in Liberty V0.7 now. Also grabbed the NewsWidget.apk from the deodexed 596 file, now how do I install this without screwing up my phone?
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