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    Ok... I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, but I'm going to ask anyway. I am trying to implement code from the Morfeo OpenHealth (eHealth) open source. I am able to work with the Android code just fine and implement the TCP/IP version. What I really need is to implement the bluetooth version of the code, but this involves adding to the BlueZ stack. Unfortunately, I am a newbe to building and compiling native code on Android. As I understand things, Android uses BlueZ 4.4x (don't remember what "x" is). If I can install BlueZ 4.77 or later into a phone in would fix my problem as BlueZ 4.77 and up has implemented the HDP (Health Device Profiles) and the L2CAP stacks that are needed for the Android Java code to work. I think this will be included in Android 3.0, but I really needed to get this working sooner. The usage of this is to support bluetooth communication between a wide variety of medical devices that conform to Continua standards. I don't mean to invade this forum with not so fun things like this, but there is an impending demand for this on the Android platform (and mobile in general). I am currently focused on the Android platform. I am an experienced software developer (20 yrs), but not in the Linux environment. I am newbie to low level kernel stuff so pardon me if I'm asking ridiculous questions. Any help in this arena would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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