Bluetooth slow to connect on custom roms

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    I've noticed this really bad on sholes rom 2.01-2.03 before i went to BuglessBeast roms. I mean i would get a call and turn on the bluetooth and normally by the time i turn the headsets on my droid would recognize but with those roms i would get the call have to pick up manually and talk for a few minutes and then the bt would sync sometimes.

    Now i seem to have the problem again with BB 1.1 does anyone else know how to get around this cause its annoying I use two different bt headsets and both seem to plauged when this happens. Maybe there is a setting on the droid that can speed up the connect process or an app until then i guess i will have it my bt in ear and turned on even when not in use even though i think doing this will be tacky.
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