Bluetooth doesn't turn on? Blargh.

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    UPDATE: So you can pretty much ignore and/or delete this thread unless you want to see my rant. Updated to GB and liking it so far.

    So after my debacle with the randomly quieting speakers I decided that even though I didn't really think it'd make a difference, I would unpack the fairly new bluetooth headset my mom got as a promotion with her X and never used. So I let it charge and played with it for awhile. Took a little for me to get the hang of which blinking lights on it meant what, but soon I figured it out.

    So the story is I have two front pockets on the front of my "bird shirt" (a shirt I wear with my parrot around specifically for avoiding chewing and poop on my nicer shirt underneath. I figured I would put my phone in one of the breast pockets while I was talking with the bluetooth. I did so and my bluetooth randomly disconnected. I attempted to see if I could still hear the person on the other end, but heard nothing. So when I hit the power button (I also made it the "end" button, which in hindsight might not be a great idea) and THAT'S when I realized I had just hung up. What caused the bluetooth to disconnect, I don't know. It could have been that the screen somehow allowed a button to be pressed again my skin through the shirt or an actual issue with the Droid Pro's bluetooth capabilities.

    After this, I went to try and play some more with the bluetooth settings. When I attempt to turn on bluetooth the box grays out and says "Turn on..." and then after several minutes returns to white and still says "Turn on bluetooth."

    So now the question isn't for me whether restarting it will fix this issue temporarily. It probably will. My problem is that I can't be in the middle of a call and have something like that go wrong, restart my phone, and still be in the middle of that call going "Ah, now I can hear you." First, the phone just doesn't work that way and second, the sounds of fumbling on the other end and the time wasted just trying to fix the issue would appear unprofessional.

    I've already complained about the issue with my volume randomly becoming unbearably low without warning and being unable to adjust it. I guess this is both a cry for help and a way to vent my frustration with Motorola for not actually fixing things one step at a time and instead suddenly saying that they've REALLY been working on Gingerbread this whole time instead of maybe doing small updates to fix the little issues like this for us who aren't quite comfortable enough yet to root and flash the GB rom. Or in my case, I really would rather not spend another few hours having to rearrange and put back all of my widgets and apps. In my view, if I did a factory reset, I would have to do all of that ANYWAY and then STILL have to probably deal with those issues later when I'd rather just have a working, up-to-date Froyo and not a brand-new, possibly buggy release of Gingerbread.

    So, like I said in the title, blargh. Now that I've gotten my frustration out, does anyone know any tricks, tips, even apps that may address this issue? I really love my Droid know...when it works.
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