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    Had the Eris for a few days now and a few things are bugging me, mainly bluetooth-related.

    1) No way to lock/shutoff the screen while a bluetooth call is in progress. As far as I've been able to tell, you have to wait for it to time out before you put the phone in your pocket. Amazed there is not a widget for this.

    2) Pressing the button for "callback" on a bluetooth headset causes the phone to call, not the last number you dialed like every other phone I've ever had, but rather the last call you were on, whether it was incoming or outgoing.

    3) Weird interactions with my car's HandsFreeLink. About one out of every five incoming calls is connected to the car's audio playback instead of the handsfree; in other words, I press the button to pick up the call, and I hear nothing, but the caller hears whatever I have playing on the car audio. They're not hearing it play inside the car, nor can they hear me speaking; they're connected directly to the car radio. No other phone has ever been like this in this car.

    4) If you happen to be hitting the End key to wake up the display when a call is about to come in, that call is immediately disconnected.

    5) When on a call, if another call comes in and you take that call, after the second caller hangs up the phone gets confused. It still shows both calls in the active call screen, with the one or the other call shown as "On Hold". Whichever call you select, you can hear the first caller; however, the first caller cannot hear you unless you have selected the second (phantom) call. Trying to drop either call (the real call or the phantom call) drops the call in progress. This happens during bluetooth calls; I don't know if it happens without bluetooth, because I always use bluetooth.

    5a) If the preceding situation happens, but you drop the second call (rather than them hanging up first) then the first call doesn't come back right away, but rather "calls back" with a ringtone and answer/decline buttons a few seconds later. This starts a new call timer, as if it is a new call, but in reality the first caller has been on the line all along.

    6) The email client's IMAP implementation seems to have no way to adapt to different server folder structures. My Sent mail does not make it back to the server's Sent folder, and the Sent folder on the server is not completely represented in the Eris.

    If anyone has any ideas about these problems, I'd love to hear them. I like this phone generally, but these problems are annoying. The car audio thing is a dealbreaker; I can't have that happening with business calls.
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