Bluetooth A2DP Audio vs. Speakerphone/headphone audio.

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    In digging into this minor mystery of the whine/buzz/static noise when playing audio, I was messing around at work to try and play audio through my work setup. I have a Bluetooth receiver, small thing that plugs into any 3.5mm jack and turns devices into Bluetooth receivers or can bridge to stereo receivers with Bluetooth. With the Thunderbolt this worked well, except that the Thunderbolt would not allow SRS over Bluetooth, which is annoying, because the sound is tinny without it. But it did work.

    I figured I would try the Bionic in this manner. And the results are a little intriguing. Wanted to see if any others experienced the same.

    So when I use the headphone, or speakerphone, to play music, there is like a static "pad" that the music then plays on top of. So the music is not distinct or clear. It's also substantially lower, I have to go up to 3 notches before I can really hear it in a regular office setting, and even then it's just audible, not comfortable. For that I'm up to halfway or thereabouts. But if I play the same music over Bluetooth, it's like there's an amplifier on the phone or something. It's so loud that even 1 notch is almost overkill with the little desktop speaker I have. Also crystal clear, no static or anything.

    I'm curious if others have experienced this.
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