BlueGSXR Theme For Jrummys LithiumMod-1.0.12

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    Here is my BlueGSXR theme for jrummys LithiumMod-1.0.12 rom. Big upgrade from my last theme!

    -Themed icons and playstation font!

    -BlueGSXR Theme

    Google Docs

    Installation Instructions
    -Drop in root folder of sdcard
    -If on sprecovery rename as and install
    -If on Clockwork use rom manager to install zip from sdcard

    -Wipe Data and Cache If your coming from a different rom or even cyanogen!

    -Or install in Rom

    I have to give credit to Cuttalot, Roberj13, Steelbeast, and Team Chaos!!! They all had several files that I liked, I did customized the pad and numerous icons and etc!

    And a big thanks to jrummy for helping out on some stuff!