Blacked out screen and upload problems

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    Ok, today, I dropped my phone in my sons bath. It was fully submerged. I pulled it right now, took the card and battery out, and put it in rice (I had heard that worked). The water damage sticker is totally red now. I'm hoping the insurance will cover it (does anyone know about the verizon insurance's policy on water damage?) Anyways, I have two problems I'm hoping the store can fix, or maybe me:

    1- The phone turns on, and the haptic feedback works, but the screen is totally black! I can use my memory of the phones screen to unlock it and stuff, the haptic feedback worked just find, but the screen still black. Is there are way to fix the screen if the touch aspect of it still works? Is that a good sign?

    2- Neither of our computers recognize my phone any more. I was trying to hopefully pull one pictures of my kids I took yesterday into the computers, but neither of them loads up. The white light next to the mini-usb comes on, but the computers will not load it. Any advice on how to get the USB to work so I can get my pictures and contacts off the phone?

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