BlackBerry PRIV Apps Updated: Slow Motion Video Capture, Improved Keyboard & More

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    Check it out PRIV owners. Several apps on your device have been updated. Here's the changelog for several of those changes:

    BlackBerry Camera - WHAT'S NEW

    • Slow Motion video
    • Improved selfie stick compatibility
    • Minor enhancements and stability fixes

    BlackBerry Keyboard - WHAT'S NEW

    The BlackBerry Keyboard has been updated to provide improved predictions, corrections and enhanced control from the physical keyboard.
    • Enhanced with the option to learn from email and text messages in the Hub for better predictions and corrections
    • Improved prediction and correction in email fields
    • Improved cursor control from the physical keyboard
    • Ability to learn word/number combinations (e.g. 1800flowers)
    • Improved corrections in Russian
    • Other minor enhancements and bug fixes

    BlackBerry Launcher - WHAT'S NEW

    • Apps list sorted into recent, personal, and work sections
    • Set a default home screen, delete a home screen, and remove apps with a flick