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Discussion in 'Motorola Droid X2' started by amg3467, Aug 5, 2011.

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    I got the X2 in the first week it came out. I got a good deal which, thank god, got me to not buy an iphone.

    Anyways, i have been having issues with birthdays in my calendar. At first they wouldn't show up. There is no place in edit contacts to enter a bday, but if i update my contacts in my gmail contacts then i can enter a bday. It then shows up in my phone contacts. I go to my calendar but no birthdays show up. All calendars are selected. I then sync my facebook contacts which now doubles up birthdays in my contacts. People have their bdays listed twice. Back to the calendar, still nothing. After i updated to gingerbread a few days ago, ALL the bdays now show up. The ones i entered and the ones facebook synced.

    This means i now have multiple bdays in my contacts, plus a lot for people that i don't really care enough about. I tried deselecting each calendar on my phone and the only one that removes all the bdays is when i deselect my gmail calendar. However my gmail calendar on my computer doesn't have any of the facebook bdays. My Samsung Galaxy Tab also has all of the bday problems now too. I can't seem to figure this out at all. I've been searching everywhere. I've tried uninstalling facebook, unsyncing facebook but nothing works except deselecting my gmail calendar which is my main calendar.

    Any one have any ideas?
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