Big updates to the Droid3 and GalaxyNexus builds of the Steel Droid Rom series!

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    There's nothing better than continued support and development on a Rom series that you have come to love. It's dedicated developers like "ChevyCam94" among many others that keep our aging devices on the cutting edge. Who ever thought that the OG droid would still have such a thriving community. ChevyCam has recently updated most of the devices in his SteelDroid lineup. In cluding the DroidX, Galaxy Nexus and both the GB and ICS versions of the Droid3. There are several things to be excited about in these builds. Not only are they becoming more and more stable, but new features are also being incorporated into each update!

    (Screenshot from GalaxyNexus ICS build)

    There are plenty of upgrades in this series of updates so I will do list by device.

    Droid X v4.5- Changes include CM7 7.2.0RC1 based, lots of added build.prop tweaks, new bootanimation, updated lots of apps, optimized audio files, custom Final Fantasy VII Ringtone, optimized more images in source, and changed to Nemus Launcher plus more!

    Galaxy Nexus v3.0- Synced with AOKP, updated google music app, fixes such as bluetooth, nav bar and tablet bar fixed, changing brightness fixed, fixed data toggle, torch fixed, Rom Control fixed, and other fixes. New Lockscreens have been added, Added warnings to fast charge, and lots more.

    Droid3 ICS v5.2- Synced with AOKP source, and all of the fixes that were made in the Galaxy Nexus build

    Droid3 GB v4.6- Switched to Nemus launcher, updated market to play store, updated superuser, added new default wallpaper, updated google search, updated voice search, lots of build.prop tweaks, universal inbox is back, blur email is back, custom Final Fantasy Ringtone, removed moto fm radio app, removed google feedback, and more!

    As you can see lots of work has gone into these updates! Grab the new Roms here
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    I need that wallpaper. Where can I grab it for my bionic?