Big Android Conference Coming Up In London!

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    Hi there!

    I'm involved in Droidcon London 2013, and I thought I'd post in case there are any devs here that will be in the area!

    Droidcon is a conference for Android developers that showcases the coolest, newest stuff in the Android field - there are events in lots of different countries, but the London conference is the biggest one in Europe, and it's happening from October 24th - 27th this year.

    There are going to be some really cool speakers there, like Hans Dockter (CEO of Gradleware), Eric LaFortune (creator of ProGuard and DexGuard) and the guy behind one-man game studio I Fight Bears, Nicoll Hunt. There are loads more to come as well, since there are five tracks: design, enterprise, games, not-phones, and best practices for developers, so there's something for everybody!

    The first day is quite informal - it's based around talks and demonstrations from the delegates themselves, so you can show off your apps and ideas to each other and get advice on them (and sometimes people will sponsor you!). The second day is more traditional, with talks and workshops from over forty of the top experts and best minds in Android today on topics from coding for the OUYA console to animating your apps.

    It's going to be really fun: you'll find out about all the new innovative things happening in Android, meet big thinkers, see some of the latest devices and inventions, AND tickets are half-price until the end of August. If you're interested in coming along, I wouldn't hesitate!

    Thanks for reading, hope to see some of you there!