Best way to upgrade to a different ROM?

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    I currently have BB v1 and looking to go to v1.1

    Whats the best way to do this? Normally I just install the over my old version. But something tells me this isn't the best way. Here is what I have:

    • I have a nandroid backup of when I first rooted(no roms)
    • I don't care about losing my apps, I can re download them, I only have 6 or 7 anyways.
    So can someone walk me through or give me cliffs on the best way? I assume I have to wipe data some how?
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    1 Download the update file to your pc.
    2 Download a kernal if you want to overclock, Pete made BB1.1 a stock 550 mHz kernel. I run Chevy's 1.2 kernel, stable and cool.
    3 Mount your droid, and transfer the file to your sd card. (I am running at 1gHz and my battery temp is about 8C lower than with BBv1.0)
    4 Unmount Droid.
    5 Reboot into recovery (Hold "X" and power up).
    6 Back up one more time (Just in case)
    7 Install
    8 "Allow installation"
    9 "Install /sdcard/ (deprecated)"
    10 Reboot

    Mount your droid again, rename Chevy's kernel to, go back up to step 3, and do everything again.
    The first time will flash the ROM, the second time will flash the kernel.
    As long as you are staying with EITHER 2.0.1 ROMs OR 2.1 ROMs, you usually dont need to wipe. Its when you start going from a 2.1 fom to a 2.0.1 rom or vice versa you will have troubles if you dont wipe.
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