Best (standard gmail) email client?

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    So since I got my droid in december I've used the default "gmail" application to manage my email. One thing I loved about it is that if you only have one email, it gives you part of the email in the notification so you get a bit of a preview. Something that I always hated about it was that if you get multiple emails, and you click the notification button it takes you to your first email, instead of your inbox. An example of why thats so bad is, for example, when i wake up I might have 5 new emails, so i click the link... American eagle discount... (great whatever) >> bank of america account balance>>> (k...) >>> ecost sale!! (cool...) >> and then there might be something urgent at the end of all the crap... So a couple of days ago I tried an app that somebody recommended in a post "k-9 mail" which does a lot of the stuff i want it to do, but unlike the gmail client, its not smooth, its slow, ruff around the edges, nothing to look at... the list goes on....

    So i did a lot of searching for e-mail apps and couldn't find a single one that would just take you to the inbox(not in a browser) and didn't suck... But then i remembered that the droid has two email applications "gmail" and "email" which i thought must be clones, just the email one could be used for maybe... yahoo? or bing? well idk about that but i signed in with my google account and its great(great functionality, and a appealing look... but the message preview thing is lost) Its so much better than the default email account, K-9, or anything else i've tried... Has anybody else tried it? Or does anybody else have another good Email app?
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