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    I want to expand my knowledge in computers & technology. I'm 22 years old I've never been self sufficient nor had a job in my life. It's time I become successful in life. I compare myself to other people who are better at math than me :( I want to feel less inferior & improve my math skills to become a computer software engineer. I need hands on learning experience to become computer software engineer. What is best in campus computer software engineering program in New Jersey or in USA? Is there a online college course computer/technology hardware repair program that's similar to this program I linked below? I like best of the worlds. Online courses & campus courses. In my life I get easily overwhelmed I've been really overwhelmed by so many choices & decisions about which online course or in campus colleges is right for me? Also should I listen to this guy discussing about Comptia being a waste of money? Link to video below

    Computer Repair Technician - Vincennes University