Best non-data phone under $100 for ATT?

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    My friend needs a new phone badly, she doesn't have data, but i'm sure I can get her into the android world without data, she'll just have to resort to Wi-Fi which I would say is fine. Unless the her carrier will tell her she cannot activate the phone without purchasing a data plan, which would totally suck to purchase a phone only to not be able to use it... She does have a SIM card, although not many smart phones use those anymore I think.

    Any ideas if it's not a Droid?

    Looking for full QWERTY at the least, other stuff like expandable memory and touch screen would be awesome, but are just luxuries. I was thinking maybe a Galaxy S?

    She doesn't want to spend more than $80 realistically, but i'm willing to match half and make her budget $120?

    Not sure if porting over a non-ATT device is worth the trouble. So let me know on ATT carrier phones.

    Thanks for any help, trying to get her off her beat up Blackjack.


    Looks like ATT will not do smartphones without data. Period. However, I did see the HTC Freestyle, but they seem to have a ton of issues that HTC and ATT can't seem to work out, Pantech Laser seemed a bit mediocre?... Anything else???
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