BEST DEAL EVER! $0.99 ArmorSuit Screen Protector for iPhone 5S w/ Lifetime Warranty!

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    Hey Guys!

    I was looking for screen protectors for my iPhone 5S on Amazon and I stumbled upon this really great deal! So, ArmorSuit is currently selling iPhone 5S screen protectors for only 99 cents!!! What a bargain, right? I think there was a pricing error or something. I believe this deal is for a limited time only since I've never seen them selling any of their high end products for such a low price. I've used been using ArmorSuit screen protectors for my phone and tablet and never had any issues. I also like how their products are made in USA and they have lifetime warranty. For those planning to get the iPhone 5S, you should consider getting this screen protector, especially since it's only 99 cents!

    Link to product: iphone 5s

    Check out their installation video as well!