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    Hi All,

    I have a Droid X that I want to run as a wifi only unit, with no cell account/access.

    I want to root in order to get rid of the crap Verizon aps, improve battery life, be able to run adblocker, send text and make phone calls using the wifi, etc.

    My phone is bone stock.

    I really want to update to ver 4.x something, but all the guides I found make the process sound very complicated and I'm not sure I can handle upgrading the operating system.

    Assuming I want to root the existing 2.x operating system, where do I find instructions for the actual rooting process and how do I go about purging unwanted crapware and making improvements that can't be done with the stock unrooted phone?

    thanks, Art
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    Hi there! First off, you don't really Root the Droid X, As it has a locked bootloader so you use an app called (I think) Bootstrap. This has to be used everytime you want to add a rom or do anything involving direct access. The rom's available are not true rom's, because the bootloader is still locked. Think of it as a sort of "work around".

    I'm not a technician but I had a Droid X for a couple of years and really liked it. You'll need to get precise instructions before you try to install that bootstrap app on your phone - so be patient for awhile on that point.

    The other thing you need to know is to be very careful about removing apps which *you* consider to be bloatware or have no use for. Your phone might have a different idea and removing those apps could cause it to not start up properly and inflict endless bootloops on you. In all honesty, you're better off simply ignoring them. They aren't actually causing you problems, but removing them might. And never, ever delete a system app - that can cause BIG problems.

    Hang on for a bit until someone with some technical knowledge pops in to give you some advice on installing that bootstrap application I spoke of.

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