Beats By See Solo HD - Android Comparability

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    Beats By Dre Solo HD - Android Comparability

    My Beats By Dre Solo HD headphones do not work properly with my Xperia X 10i.
    I can listen to music but I need another cable plunged into the standard cable essentially as an adaptor or the sound is muffled and the remote causes music to stop and start randomly.
    As for using controltalk to answer calls etc, the microphone is not picked up and the buttons on the remote do nothing.
    I am aware the the headphones are designed for iPhone use but have seen them working with other android phones. I have also seen someone report that the controltalk universal cable ensures full comparability but this cable is not available to buy on its own but seemingly Monster will sell it on request in the US.
    Please tell me your experiences and let me know if you have any other solutions as I love the headphones and will not be selling them!

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