Beats by Dre Supposedly Looking to End HTC Partnership

Discussion in 'Android News' started by dgstorm, Aug 19, 2013.

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    True, but the quality is considered lower than CD, even with top end home audio systems & audio/video receivers. The sound through these "component" audio devices will definitely be better than with the desktop or portable player devices, but still will not compare to a CD played on a quality CD player or higher quality recording played on the same system. In other words, what comes from the source Bluetooth device and through Bluetooth can only sound as good as the device and the protocol can reproduce.

    The new Apt-X Bluetooth protocol also still leaves something to be desired in quality. You have to have good equipment on which to reproduce it and compare with a CD of the same material, in order to hear the difference in most cases, but there is a significant difference. By comparison, something like my Roku Soundbridge M-2000, or my Sonos system can stream audio wirelessly and do so with full audio fidelity and quality, but the prior uses WIFI and the latter uses its own proprietary mesh network protocol. Both benefit from the massively higher bitrates possible, as well as the greater distances achievable between source and destination via their respective protocols.

    I think Bluetooth is in need of another iteration, or perhaps a new wireless streaming protocol that is both CD quality or better, and yet still supports Bluetooth through downward compatibility. The fact is, whatever is out there now will never sound better than it does already. A new protocol means new equipment or at least a new dongle to access the equipment with the new protocol. Frankly I wouldn't mind a dongle hanging off my home audio equipment to give me that quality, but I don't need it as I use WIFI and Cellular now to stream audio to and from the home.

    In the car, my phone streams through Bluetooth from my home NAS to the car's head unit and the sound is acceptable considering all the other noises you incur while on the road. I also have a few different BT headsets which I use for basic entertainment while out and about, but when I put on my Sennheiser HD-800 cans and swing back into my Human Touch Manual Perfect Chair PC6 Recliner with a hot Latte from my Saeco Royal Professional SuperAutomatica Espresso/Cappuccino machine to listen to Original Master Recordings of my favorite Jazz artists I want the best possible sound and I don't care that there's a wire...I WANT the wire. :biggrin: Heck, I'm not going anywhere for a couple hours anyway!