beatbox ringtone plays during calls but no one is calling

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    I hope this is the correct forum, first post here and a noob with droid. Please try not to laugh too hard. I honestly have no clue what is causing this.

    Here is what happens when I'm on a call with someone.

    A beatbox ringtone starts playing (but I have no beatbox ringtone installed- I thuroughly checked all my installed ringtones.)
    The ringtone says "pick up the phone, pick up the phone. Beat box. Beat box."

    Here's the problem, no one is calling me. The only way to kill the audio playback of the Beatbox tune is to hang up on my friends and call back. There is no 3rd party trying to call my phone in while im carrying on the conversation.

    Note, I've received calls lately from folks that were true interruptions, but the Beatbox tune doesn't play, only my regular 3rd party ringer notification. The beat box audio tune seems to be on a timer or something but only launches when I'm 2 minutes into a conversation. Really annoying.

    No, my phone is not rooted.

    I installed an app called "silence" but that was installed 2 months ago and this just started.

    Thanks guys.
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