Beans Custom Rom for the Verizon Galaxy S III updated to build 15!

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    One of the most popular Touchwiz custom roms for the Galaxy S III on Verizon has been updated to build 15. It is still based on ICS 4.0.4 but thats ok because this rom still flys! It includes the Imoseyon Lean Kernel which will help with performance and save battery life. You can overclock to 1.9ghz although im not sure how stable it would be. Some new features include HTC Sense recent apps, aosp lockscreen options, miui battery bar mod, rethemed to be more ICS/JB AOSP like, all the WIFI notifications have been removed, custom boot animation support, Mobile Hotspot hack, enabled all rotations, jelly bean animations, added miui and cm ringtones, build.prop tweaks, 4in1 reboot menu, 50gb free dropbox and more!

    This also includes the aroma installer which allows you to customize your rom. You can choose your launcher, choose your email app, choice of sms app, choice of keyboard, choice of music apps, file explorer options, systemui mod choices, recent app selections, battery style, clock position and color, date and settings position, brightness slider on/off, Lidroid mod choice, choice of 5,6, or 7 toggles shown at once, choice of text or no text on toggles, option for crt animation on/off, option for longpress volume to switch songs.

    Grab the Rom via Rootzwiki
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