BB 0.6.1 locking me out of phone

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    Edit: Sorry, really did not see the other post about this.

    So here's the deal - and this might also be in 0.6.0.

    I don't restart my phone often, so I never noticed this until now. I updated to 0.6.0 without an issue. Reloaded all my settings with Titanium - everything was great.

    I decided to update to 0.6.1 - loaded it in ROM manager, it restarted, didn't load recovery (per a common issue), and rebooted.

    Here is the issue:

    When I get to the login screen, it does not recognize my password.

    I use a PIN input to lock my phone - not the stock pattern input. I input my login and it does not recognize this. The only work around to this is to boot back into recovery, completely format, and start from scratch.

    I figured it was a one-time issue, and that was it. I got 0.6.1 installed without a problem the 2nd time around, got my PIN login working, and everything was great. However, what I didn't do was restart the phone since the initial install.

    After thinking about it, I figured I'd try and see if it still happened - so I restarted my phone and sure enough, it "forgot" my login information. Now I need to go through the same procedure.

    Anyone else have this issue? If you're running BB 0.6.1/0.6.0 and you're using the PIN login, can you restart your phone without an issue?

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