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    Android continues to improve but one area that still can be improved is in the department of battery life. Yes it's nice to have thinner devices that you can slide into a side pocket, nice to have screens that provide the highest resolutions for gaming and media, it is nice to have devices made of premium material, but man you don't realize how important battery life is until you need it.

    I'm normally one of the ones to talk about quick charge or getting through a work day is good enough. I even went down the path of talking about extended batteries and battery packs. And yes those are all good but man wouldn't it be nice to get smartphone batteries to where flip phone batteries are now. My ESPN flip phone could go days before I needed to charge it. Android phones (most) that can get through a ten hour day gets the block checked for having good battery life. And I, before today, would have been the one to check the box.

    Today after flying to check on a loved one at the hospital, I realized why battery life that can last is important. When you hustling and bustling through the airport, fighting to grab transportation, and running up and down the hospital, last thing you need to concern yourself with is trying to find an outlet so you can be attached to a wall waiting for a charge. For days like today is where a device that can last would have been useful.

    I'm all for the cosmetics, having the latest in specs, but I think it is time to look at getting the battery beyond the 8 hr threshold, as well as relying on fast charging as an excuse to not push for longer battery life in today's phones.

    Yeah most of us charge our phones every night, but for that day (or period) where you need more, it would be awesome that during that crazy day your phone is the one thing you don't have to worry about.

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