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    Hi, I seem to be running into an issue with my Droid4 (4.0.4) not "charging" when its plugged in unless I have the phone in either sleep mode or have phone turned off.
    If the phone isn't at 100% and I use it, it will just discharge while charging and most times while I try to charge it and just leave it be it gets hot and then doesn't charge or just dies without doing anything, and I've used 3 different usb cords and with 2 different chargers and a computer.
    It also sometimes will tell me its charging from the lock screen but the battery icon on the home screen will not show it is charging.
    This is the 3rd phone that VZW has sent me(in about 4 months) that has some sort of battery issues on top of other issues with the phone as well, they've sent me a phone with dead pixels too.
    I wish Motorola had decided against doing the sealed battery BS cause then instead of keeping on swapping out phones SO many times they could have just swapped out the battery.
    I am growing tiresome of this problem and was wonde
    ring if anyone thought that if i made a big enough stink VZW would just swap me out a new type of droid phone?
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