battery life woes....

Discussion in 'Bugless' started by texazranger09, Dec 20, 2010.

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    someone please tell me how it is that over the last month or so my battery life is suffering tremendously...i use to be able to go allllll day and still have at the very least 40% when i went to bed...that's 18 hours and there was plenty of heavy use in there.

    now i cant even go 12 hours with very light to moderate use without hitting 20% or lower. i still blame it on this rom, but any ideas??? i've reset the battery points and gotten rid of most all apps that i don't use that i couldn't just download if i need them. .6 can't come fast enough but what can i do from here on?

    I'm running and have always ran chevy's ulv 1200 and have never had a problem running it. i did try slayhers and it ran awesome for a little then at some point something went wrong and sent me into bootloops which kind of ruined that part of my morning.

    all in all bugless has just been slowly getting slower and slower and i see that i am not the only one, so i can only blame it on the rom somehow causing my battery to drain as the speed does too?...anyone have a suggestion of have this same problem?